Option 1-


Drop Off

Items will be Chosen and Priced within 72 Hours


Option 2-


Contact for a Pre-Paid Shipping Label

Items will be Chosen and Priced within 72 Hours of Delivery

(Items not Accepted can be Donated or Return Requested)

Option 3-

Direct Buyout

Contact the Store for the

Latest In-Demand Merchandise

(Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses, Jewelry and Accessories)


Consigner Commission Percentage

50%  $499 and Under

60%  $500 to $1999

70% $2000 and Up


Under our consignment agreement, items will be

 on the selling floor for 60 Days. Items contracted during our consignment period are not allowed to be sold on other resale outlets.

Payment will be remitted 7-10 business days following the 

conclusion of your agreement.

After which time, Addiction will hold your items for 2 weeks.

Any items not retrieved will become store property.